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Local History


For a time, the Nu (collegiate) chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority on the campus of the University of Michigan functioned as a mixed chapter that included members from neighboring colleges and graduate sorors. However, in 1961 the chapter was at risk of being disbanded because an advisor was not on campus. Upon hearing of the impending disbandment. graduate Soror Lavern Crump informed the University that local support was available. On October 8, 1961, a meeting was held and as a result, a committee was formed to establish a graduate Ann Arbor Chapter to provide local support to Nu. An organizational luncheon was held at the Rubaiyat Restaurant on Saturday. December 9. 1961. Soror Esther Lamar. accompanied by Sorors Lillian Benbow and Natilda Williams. gave an inspiring talk and outlined the procedures for organizing an alumnae chapter.  Delta Sigma Theta's national officers met with local sorors on September 20. 1962 to draft Bylaws and elect the first slate of officers.


On November 17, 1962, a dream which had been envisioned became a reality when Soror Frances Flippen, Midwest Regional Director, established the Ann Arbor Alumnae Chapter. An impressive installation ceremony was held at the Holiday Inn, with sorors from area chapters and surrounding communities present to participate in the activities and witness the signing of the charter.

Ann Arbor Alumnae Charter Members

Kathleen Anderson  |  Penelope Bullock  |  Flora Cherot  |  Lavern Crump  |  Virginia Ellis  |  Javier Faggett  |  Jean Ferguson  |  Rose Gibson

Judith Goodman  |  Sylvia Holman  |  Winifred Ingram  |  Letitia Lightfoot I Marianne Maynard  |  Barbara Meadows  |  Elizabeth Morris  |  Christina Neal  |  Josephine Owens I Fannie Parker  |  Rowena Reynolds  |  Bobbie Ross  |  Janet Wilburn  |  Mary Williams  |  Carolyn Witcher

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